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I'm a nerd who has been using Linux since 2001 and BSD since 2013. I love all things UNIX & Linux, and I also absolutely love developing software. Predominantly, I use Rust and Go. Rust for its expressiveness, execution speed, and memory safety, and Go for its rapid development pace and pleasant syntax. Occasionally, Bash or Python are more appropriate for certain tasks.

Recently, I completed two intertwined projects. The larger is a twtxt registry server, with the second being a Go library that provides twtxt registry-related functions. twtxt is a decentralized microblogging service based on sharing text file data via HTTP. The repository for both projects can be found under the organization.

My primary long-term project is called It's a place created in the tildeverse for users to explore the OpenBSD operating system. The tildeverse is a network of *nix servers whose purpose is to foster collaboration, development, and self-education with respect to the Linux and BSD world. features mail, gopher, web hosting, games, development tools, and a local node in the larger tildeverse IRC network. It uses OpenBSD httpd(8), gophernicus, pf, and OpenSMTPd. On 18 April 2019, it was featured on BSD Now (episode 294).

My current side project is directly related to the tildeverse. Previously, a draft spec was written for a kind of currency simulation (not cryptocurrency) by another administrator. I've decided to write an implementation of this currency simulation using the spec. Rust seemed like an appropriate choice for this project as it will involve lower-level design, such as using UNIX Domain Sockets for inter-process communication. Plus, I'll get all the memory safety guarantees. It's a fun project! If you'd like to see the (incomplete) code:

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