I've been a Linux and BSD nerd since 2001 and 2013, respectively. I also write software.

My primary long-term project is called tilde.institute. It's a place created in the tildeverse for users to explore the OpenBSD operating system. The tildeverse is a network of *nix servers whose purpose is to foster collaboration, development, and self-education with respect to the Linux and BSD world. tilde.institute features mail, gopher, web hosting, games, development tools, and a local node in the larger tildeverse IRC network. It uses OpenBSD httpd(8), gophernicus, pf, and OpenSMTPd. On 18 April 2019, it was featured on BSD Now (episode 294).

My current side project is directly related to the tildeverse. Previously, a draft spec was written for a kind of currency simulation (not cryptocurrency) by another administrator. I've decided to write an implementation of this currency simulation using the spec. It's a fun project! If you'd like to see the (incomplete) code: github.com/tildecoin/rtcoin

My Projects:

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