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I'm a nerd who has been using Linux since 2001 and BSD since 2013. I love all things UNIX & Linux. I am also a hobbyist developer. Mostly, I use Go due to its pleasant syntax, rapid development pace, and out-of-the-box support of concurrency.

At the moment, I'm working on two intertwined projects. The larger is a twtxt registry server, with the second being a Go library that provides twtxt registry-related functions. twtxt is a decentralized microblogging service based on sharing text file data via HTTP. The repository for both projects can be found under the organization.

I recently developed a static site server that caches pages into memory. HTML is generated from Markdown. The use case I focused on for that project covers blogs and small wikis. The repository can be found at

My primary long-term project is called It's a place created in the tildeverse for users to explore the OpenBSD operating system. The tildeverse is a network of *nix servers whose purpose is to foster collaboration, development, and self-education with respect to the Linux and BSD world. features mail, gopher, web hosting, games, development tools, and a local node in the larger tildeverse IRC network. It uses OpenBSD httpd(8), gophernicus, pf, and OpenSMTPd.

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